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Q: Why are Mind to Body™ “massage and lotion candles” different to normal soy candles?

A: We do not use traditional soy wax in our massage and lotion candles.  We use high quality, cosmetic grade soy derived from soybean oil. Technically considered "soy wax," but it is not of the same characteristics as soy wax, which is used in room candles. You cannot use normal soy wax on your body as it won’t absorb and it will feel heavy and sticky. Mind to Body massage candles have been formulated specifically for use on the skin therefore contains not only our cosmetic grade soy wax but they are specially formulated with skin nourishing ingredients that only reach 2 degrees above your body temperature.


Q: Why are Mind to Body massage and lotion candles good for your skin?

A:  Our Proprietary Formulation provides the benefits of nature without chemical stress. Our cosmetic-grade soy is enhanced with botanical oils with added organic shea butter, jojoba oil and vitamin E. These ingredients are all well known for their beneficial skin care properties. We take great pride in using only the finest skin care ingredients that are of cosmetic grade quality.


Q:   Can I use any soy candle on my skin? 

A: No. A soy candle made for home fragrancing is not suitable on your skin. It must be specifically formulated and dermatologically tested for use on the skin.


Q: How can I use the melted lotion on my client's skin?

A: Light your Mind to Body massage candle and burn for approximately 20 minutes or until the lotion melts to the containers edge. As a safety precaution, please blow out the flame before applying the desired amount of melted lotion on your clients skin.


Q: Will the melted lotion burn my client's skin?

A: Mind to Body candles are formulated to reach only 2 degrees above your body temperature (similar to a warm bath). Our lotion is warm not hot and can be massaged into your clients skin. Our candles will not burn your client’s skin.


Q: How would my skin feel after using Mind to Body massage candles?

A: Our massage candle will leave your skin feeling soft, nourished and lightly scented with your chosen aromatherapy mix. Your skin will thank you for it!


Q: Will the massage lotion block my pores?

A: No. Our cosmetic wax is enhanced with botanical oils and only natural ingredients. The massage oil absorbs into the skin as a lotion leaving the skin without an oily or greasy residue. Remember less is more!


Q: Can I use the massage oil on my client's face?

A: Yes. Our professional massage candles have no added chemicals, making them 100% natural and safe for all over your body and the face. As a rule of thumb, we recommend to test the warmed oil on a small area to check for any allergies, avoid delicate areas such as they eyes.


Q: Who shouldn’t use Mind to Body massage candles?

A: Anyone that is allergic to nuts should not use our candles as we have nut-based ingredients. Keep children and pets away to prevent accident and misuse.


Q: What is the difference between Essential and Fragrant oils?

A: They are derived in very different ways and they provide different types of scents. Essential oils are derived from stems, leaves, seeds and roots of a plant. They are all natural. Fragrant oils are synthetically produced in laboratories. They are man-made and certainly not natural. This does not mean they are bad in any way but they are not 100% natural. 

Mind to Body Professional massage and lotion candles are scented with 100% essential oils and are 100% natural in every aspect.

Mind to Body “Retail” massage and lotion candles are all 100% natural except the synthetic body safe fragrance oil made by our team of chemists.


Q: Are Mind to Body massage candles safe for my skin and environment?

A: Our massage candles are full of goodness with organic and natural ingredients. They are safe and can be used as a great detox for your body and for your environment.


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